Atlantic Coastal Floats

Intermarine Atlantic Coastal Floats

Floating Concrete and Polyethelene Floats and Walkways

[styledbox type=”information” ]Intermarine provides several different types of floating pontoons in the Atlantic Coastal product range including concrete or polyethylene floats and walkways designed for different applications and suitable for use in coastal marinas and exposed waters.[/styledbox]

Concrete Floats

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  • Professionally manufactured under quality controlled conditions
  • Expanded polystyrene core
  • Stainless steel reinforcing
  • Stainless steel fixing bolts


Polyethylene Floats

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  • Medium density polyethylene casings
  • Single piece rotary mouldings to Intermarine design
  • Fused closed cell polystyrene core



Standard walkways are supplied with Intermarine concrete floats but may be fitted with polyethylene floats in catamaran layout as an option.

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Standard fingers are fitted with polyethylene floats.

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All measurements are in metres