Pontoon Replacement in Weymouth

Intermarine have successfully completed the installation of new fisherman pontoons in Weymouth. After some stiff competition Weymouth and Portland Borough Council awarded the contract to Intermarine. The pontoons were upgraded from the standard Atlantic Waterways specification to Atlantic Coastal. These pontoons are better suited for use by commercial and fishing vessels and are significantly stronger than standard marina pontoons. As part of the contract Intermarine also installed wall guides and water points. The pontoons were decked in non-slip GRP mesh and the run incorporated some small finger pontoons. 75% of the materials from the old pontoons were recycled, with floats being donated to another marina. This 136m run of 2m wide pontoons is the second installation by Intermarine for this client. Back in 2010 Intermarine installed 77m of pontoons on the other side of the Harbour Bridge.

Floating Docks with GRP Decking Atlantic Coastal Pontoons Weymouth Marina

Weymouth- genral arrangement drawing

Weymouth Fishing Pontoons