Atlantic Coastal Standard Units

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Standard Units

The Atlantic Coastal pontoon system is a modular design that is suitable for use in coastal marinas or exposed inland waters.Modular Pontoon System with comprehensive range of standard units. Walkways available in nominal width of 3.5m 3.0m, 2.5m, 2.0m and 1.5m. Concrete or polyethylene floats on walkways. Polyethylene floats on fingers.Finger pontoons available in multiples of 1m from 4m to 12m. Universal finger pontoon positioning. Standard walkway loading of 1.5kN/m? with option for 2.5kN/m? Galvanised steel structure.Continuous ducts with anodised aluminium cover as standard. Optional continuous duct liner.Universal pile guide adjustment. Fingers shaped for ‘stern on’ power boat mooring. Fully protected connections.